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Rental FAQ

  • How do I find my rental space?
    Please check in with our hostess at the entrance of the Hideaway Brew Garden, and they will direct you to your rental space.
  • How long do we have the space?
    The space is reserved for you for the entire night we are open. You can arrive beginning at 6pm, and have the space until we close.
  • Is there a minimum number of people needed to rent a space?
  • Can I decorate my space?
    Yes! You are welcome to decorate the tents for your event. You will be responsible for the tear down of all decorations. Anything left behind will be discarded. We ask that you do not place balloons or any other obstructive items in the line of sight of other guests. Some items we do NOT permit: open flames; hanging décor from the tent walls, artificial confetti or loose glitter of any size, rice, Silly String, fake snow, or loose faux flower petals and floating lanterns are not permitted. All these items are harmful to local wildlife and considered litter.
  • Can I purchase food and drinks for my group ahead of time?
    When booking, you can purchase food and beverage vouchers for $100 (sold in sets of 10).
  • Is there a fire pit available?
    We do not have fire pits available in any of our rental spaces.
  • Does the rental fee go towards my bill?
    The cost is just for the space for the evening, and does not go towards food or drinks.
  • Can I bring alcohol or food?
    No. We do not allow outside food or alcohol. The one exception is to bring a dessert. Please see the dessert question for more information.
  • Can I bring desserts? Do you provide plates/silverware?
    You are welcome to bring desserts for your party. However, we do not have any plates or silverware available. Please plan to bring that along with your desserts.
  • What happens if there is severe weather?
    If there is severe weather in the area, all guests must exit and take shelter in their vehicles.
  • How will we know if you are closed due to weather?
    We will send an automatic email to cancel your reservation to the email you used to book with us. Our team will also give you a call to the number you provided when booking. If we do have to close, you will receive a credit to use for a rental on another date. Please reach out to us to reschedule at
  • Does my rental space have a private bathroom?
    None of our rental spaces have private bathrooms.
  • If a rental space isn't booked prior to the day of, are they available for general seating?
    No, all of our rental spaces are available by reservation only.
  • What if we have more people than a particular rental space fits?
    You are welcome to book multiple rental spaces or have part of your group utilize the general admission seating on property.
  • Can we stay overnight?
    No. Our rental spaces are only available to rent for the duration of open hours.
  • Do we need to bring our own chairs?
    Not unless you really want to! We provide seating in all rental spaces.
  • Can we bring games?
    Of course! Just don’t forget to take them home at the end of the night. Games cannot interfere with, or obstruct the view of, any other guests.
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