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We hope you're ready for a party! Carnivore Carnival brings you Award Winning BBQ, a full day of live music, daring sideshow performers, and more!


Chicago Culinary Kitchen will be here on Saturday, July 27th serving up some of the best BBQ you have ever laid eyes on! In fact, it's so good that we're extending our hours so you have time to eat, recover, and then eat again while enjoying a full day of live entertainment.

The party kicks off at 12pm and lasts through 11pm.

Live Music

Hi Infidelity


Rod Tuffcurls and The Bench Press

Red's Hot Chili Peppers

*Set times TBD.


Sideshow Performers (12pm - 11pm)

Sanjula Vamana
The Golden Boy of the American Sideshow

Human blockhead and feats of pain, tolerance, and strength.

Cassidy Rose
The Pain Proof Princess

Sword swallowing, escape artist, and human pincushion.

Sideshow Magic

The World Famous Enigma

Featured on the X-Files, World's Most tattooed man, and feats of endurance.

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