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Tipsy Tipi FAQ
  • Is there a fire pit available?

    • We do not have fire pits available in this space.

  • How many can fit in each tent?

    • Each tent can fit about 50 people.

  • How are the tents separated?

    • The tents have bike rack separating each tent. These barricades can be removed if more than one tent is booked.

  • Can I decorate?

    • Yes! You are welcome to decorate the tents for your event. You will be responsible for the tear down of all decorations. Anything left behind will be discarded.

    • Some items we do NOT permit: open flames; hanging décor from the tent walls, artificial confetti or loose glitter or any size, rice, Silly String, fake snow, or loose faux flower petals and floating lanterns are not permitted. All these items are harmful to local wildlife and considered litter.

  • Where are the tents located?

    • The tents are located towards the back of the property, close to the bar and food containers.

  • Can I hear the music from the tents?

    • Yes! The tents have a great view of the stage, and you can still hear the great music we have each night.

  • Can I come earlier in the day?

  • How can we rent out the whole beer garden for an event?

  • How do I know which tent is ours?

    • Check in with our hostess at the entrance of the Hideaway Brew Garden, and she will direct you to your rental space.

  • Is there food available?

    • When booking, you can purchase food and beverage vouchers for $100 (sold in sets of 10).

    • If you are interested in other options for your event, please reach out to us at

  • What happens if there is severe weather?

    • If there is severe weather in the area, all guests must exit and take shelter in their vehicles. The tents are not a safe shelter during severe weather.

  • Does the tent have electricity?

    • No, aside from the provided power for lighting, there is no additional power inside the tents.

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