COVID-19 Policy Updates

Social Distance: All tables are 6ft apart or more, and are limited to 6 people max per table. Please maintain social distance when ordering at the counter and utilizing the bathrooms. The floor will be marked with directional signage to ensure all customers adhere to this policy. 


Table Seating: Advance reservations are available for table seating via our website. Tables often open up throughout the evening, so feel free to ask the hostess if tables are available when you arrive. 

Picnic Arena: A picnic area is available and does not require reservations.  Please maintain social distancing at all times. There are 50 Adirondack chairs located in the picnic area. You are encouraged to bring your own chairs or blankets, but be courteous to other guests and keep your setup within an 8ft x 8ft space and 6ft away from the next party.


Cashless: The beer garden will be credit cards only at the counter, no cash. We anticipate implementing a contactless ordering system in July, which will allow customers to order from their table and simply pick-up their order when ready.


Cleaning Protocols: The bathrooms and all high touch surfaces will be disinfected every 20 minutes. Tables will be disinfected after use. Cleaning stations will be available if customers desire to further sanitize their areas.


Staff Protocols: Staff members will all be required to wear masks, have their temperature checked, and sanitize the kitchen and bar area throughout the day.


Masks: Masks are required to enter the property. Masks will be required for customers to wear when not seated at their table. Please wear a mask when arriving on property, utilizing the bathrooms or ordering at the counter. Once seated at your table, the mask can be removed.


Kids: For now, kids must stay with you at your table at all times. If kids are looking for space to roam, they should do so outside the property of the beer garden. The green space adjacent to the beer garden offers plenty of space to enjoy activities away from other customers.


Dogs: Dogs will be allowed. However, please do not interact with dogs outside your party to maintain proper social distance.


Hand Hygiene: Hand sanitizer will be available around the property for your convenience.


Be Smart: If you’re not feeling well, please do everyone a favor and stay home. The beer garden will be open all summer.


Fire Pits: For now, we won’t be offering the fire pits on a nightly basis, so please bring your own blankets or warm clothes for chilly nights. Bonfires will only be available on the “Bonfire & Boots” nights.


Outside Food & Drink: No outside food or drink will be allowed in the beer garden seating or picnic area. Outside food and non-alcoholic drink is permitted outside the beer garden property in the adjacent Village Green public space. Outside alcohol is never permitted anywhere on the grounds of the Village Green or beer garden.

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