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  • If huts are not booked prior to the day of, are they available for general seating?

    • No. The huts are always reserved.

  • Where are the huts located?

    • The huts line up on the right side of the stage. They are back to back, like booth style seating.

  • Are they covered?

    • Yes!

  • Is the heat always on?

    • It is not, but our team will make sure to turn these on first thing on chilly days. If you start to get cold, and they are not on, grab one of our staff members and they will be happy to assist you.

  • Do we get a waiter to the space?

    • We do not have a wait staff.

  • Are they assigned in advance, or first come first serve?

    • The huts are assigned in advance. The huts are numbered 1-5, with 1 being the closest to the stage.

  • How do I find my space when I arrive?

    • Please check in with our hostess at the entrance to the beer garden, and they can direct you to your rental space.

  • How will we know if you are closed due to weather?

    • We will send an automatic email to cancel your reservation to the email you used to book with us. Our team will also give you a call to the number you provided when booking.

    • If we do have to close, you will receive a credit to use for a rental on another date. Please reach out to us to reschedule at

  • Does the rental fee go towards my bill?

    • The cost is just for the space for the evening, and does not go towards food or drinks.

  • Can we decorate?

    • You are more than welcome to decorate! We kindly ask that you do not use confetti or glitter.

  • Some items we do NOT permit: open flames, artificial confetti or loose glitter or any size, rice, Silly String, fake snow, or loose faux flower petals and floating lanterns are not permitted. All these items are harmful to local wildlife and considered litter.

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