• Price: $4,500 (Saturday), $3,000 (Friday)

  • Includes the following

    • Access to Amphitheater for Ceremony

    • 75 wood chairs for ceremony 

    • Basic PA for ceremony including mic

    • Access to Two (2) Nordic Kata Tents with a capacity of 75 guests for reception, plus additional space for fire pits, Adirondack seating and patio furniture

    • Reception seating including rustic wood benches and tables for 75 people

    • Food & Drink Credit (valued at $1,000)

    • Venue provides live entertainment on main stage

    • Access to all amenities of Hideaway Brew Garden including main stage, food pavilion, picnic area and bathrooms

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The Hideaway

Festival Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are we located?

Hideaway Brew Garden - 5510 Prairie Stone Parkway, Hoffman Estates, IL 60192.

How many people can attend your Festival?

A maximum of 75 people can be accommodated at your wedding festival.

Is the venue dog friendly?

Yes, your pup is welcome to join the fun!

What does the venue provide for the ceremony?

Access to our open-air amphitheater, 75 white wooden chairs, two different wedding backdrops to choose from and a small PA system. We do not provide officiant for your ceremony.

What does the venue provide for the reception?

Access to our two (2) Giant Nordic Kata Tent along with custom wooden tables and benches for your 75 guests. All our chairs and tables will be set prior to your arrival and are included in your rental.

Does the venue provide decorations?

We will have adirondack chairs and a fire pit (weather permitting) near your Giant Nordic Kata Tent for you guest to enjoy. Outside of these items, we do not have any other décor on property.

Can I decorate in the Giant Nordic Kata Tents?

You are welcome to bring other decorations for your ceremony and festival. You and your wedding coordinator will be responsible for set up and strike of all décor items you bring and set. Anything left behind will be discarded.

Some items we do NOT permit: open flames; hanging décor from the tent walls, artificial confetti or loose glitter or any size, rice, Silly String, fake snow, or loose faux flower petals and floating lanterns are not permitted. All these items are harmful to local wildlife and considered litter.

Do I need to provide my own lighting?

No, the tent will have white lights strung throughout the space to set the tone for your festival.

Does the tent have electricity?

No, aside from the provided power for lighting, there is no additional power inside the tents.

Can we rent additional tents?

No. The only tents on property are the two (2) Giant Nordic Kata Tents.

Can we have a DJ?

No, there will be live music scheduled at the Hideaway Brew Garden that will be shared entertainment for your guest and ours. Music starts when the Hideaway opens at 5pm and the live bands begin at 8pm. The Hideaway regularly books some of the best bands in town. We can provide our band schedule for this summer upon request.

Do you require Wedding Day Insurance?

Yes - Special Event Insurance can be purchased through your own insurance company or through online options like WedSafe and WedSure. The average cost is $175. Proof of insurance is due no later than three weeks prior to you festival.

Do you require a Day of Event Coordinator?

Yes, you are required to hire a third party Day of Event Coordinator. This will ensure a stress free day. The venue does not provide wedding planning services. We can make recommendations if you need them.

What if it rains?

Rain or shine, the show must go on! If we are anticipating bad weather outside of light rain, the venue will contact your Day of Event Coordinator and determine a plan for your event. In a situation where inclement weather is deemed unsafe, the venue will instruct guests to seek shelter in their vehicles. If rain is forecasted, the two (2) Giant Kata Tents are large enough to host both the ceremony and reception if needed.

Do you have a Bridal Suite available on property?

We do not have a bridal suite available on property, but we do have relationships with neighboring hotels, which are within close proximity to our venue and can arrange shuttle service.

How long do we have the venue on our wedding day?

? All couples have access to the venue from 11:00 a.m. -11:00 p.m. on Friday & Saturday. Please note that 11:00a access is primarily for any vendors or decorating that needs to happen prior to your ceremony. When scheduling your Ceremony and Reception please note that our F&B does not open until 5pm and Live Music starts at 8pm.

Can we setup or store items the day before the wedding?

Setting up or storing items at the venue the day prior to you wedding is not doable.

Can we take pictures anywhere on the property day of?

You are welcome to take pictures anywhere on the property. We do ask that no one gets into the pond or disturbs the wildlife for any photo opportunity.

Do you have a preferred vendors list?

Yes, we will have a small list of vendors that you can find HERE.

What is your alcohol policy?

Under no circumstances can you or your guests bring outside alcohol onto the property. All alcohol sales have to go through the Brew Garden. We have alcohol packages available.

What is your food policy?

We have food packages available provided by Levy Restaurants. You are also welcome to use another caterer at additional cost. Please note that if you do use a specific cater they will need to provide all their own equipment to prep, serve and clean up. We will provide an exact location where they can set to prep. There will be no other location for them to set up.

Can we bring a cake?

You are welcome to bring your own cake or desserts for your wedding. You and your Day of Event Coordinator will be responsible for the cutting of the cake, distribution of the cake and clean up.

Is there plenty of space for parking?

Yes. – add map (identify ADA) – RIDE SHARE- LIMOS.

Do you have restrooms available?

Yes, the restrooms on the property.

When do we have final walkthrough/rehearsal?

Final walk through will be organized between the couple and the venue typically two weeks out from your wedding. Rehearsals will also need to be organized through the venue, as there could be another festival going on the night before yours.

What is your date “Hold Policy”?

We can hold one date as a courtesy for up to 72 hours after the contract is sent out electronically to be signed. After that time, we reserve the right to release your date to other interested couples if we have not heard back from you. Before a contract is sent out, we operate on a first come, first served basis when it comes to date selection.

Do you have a damage deposit?

We do! Our Damage Deposit is $500.00 and is a separate fee from your Venue Rental Fee. The Damage Deposit is fully refundable according to the provisions of your contract. Expect up to 3 business days to hear back from the venue on any damages.

Is there a deposit to reserve a date?

Yes, it is 50% of the total. Please note any deposit payments are non-refundable and this includes cancellations due to weather. The deposit can be paid via credit card or personal check. Please note paying via credit card there will be a 3.5% processing fee.

When is the final payment due for my festival?

Three weeks prior to your wedding date. The final payment can be paid via check payable to the NOW Arena.

Marriage license reminder:

Reminder when getting your marriage licenses it must be in Cook County.

Where can I contact you?

Please contact us HERE

What months are we open?

We will have availability June through September.